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IRS Steps in Against Identity Theft

By: Heather R Cunningham Over the past several years, tax-related identify and refund fraud has become much more prevalent.  Identity thieves file tax returns using stolen social security numbers and claim false refunds.  They often file electronically and early in the year before the IRS is able to verify the information being submitted, and before […]

Surviving an IRS Audit

by: Graham Blackburn Throughout history, people have harbored a certain degree of anger and fear for tax collectors.  The modern day IRS is not too different.  It’s a massive organization tasked with implementing a tax system that is simultaneously complicated and impactful.  The dreaded IRS audit is the primary source of fear, but with a […]

Getting the Most Out of Annual Reports

By: Billy Nguyen Are you a shareholder or investor in a company? If so, then pick up that annual report and begin looking for these key essential items! Current and potential investors like to know where, and how their hard-earned money is being utilized by the companies they invest in.  Annual reports are required to […]

Savings Options for Special Needs Individuals

by: Jillian Strunk About 15% of children in the United States have developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, among others. With the great advancement in medical care, these individuals now have the chance to live long and full lives. This creates the need to provide financial support for their future as independent […]

The IRS v.s. Identity Theft and Scams

By Bob Casmer By now almost everyone has either experienced for themselves, or heard stories about someone they know being the target of an identity theft or scam.  It is no surprise that as technology has evolved over the past several decades and our reliance upon computers and the internet to handle all phases of […]

Mid-Year Tax Planning

by: Kassie Armstrong Summer is here and you’re most likely thinking about upcoming vacations, weddings, and pool parties! What you’re probably not thinking about is taxes–but maybe you should be. Here are a few things that you can do now that will help ease the burden of dealing with taxes at year end: Adjust your […]

Delays in Tax Refunds are Possible Again This Tax Season

By: Mario Ciclone The IRS has informed that delays in tax refunds will be primarily due to the continued increase in cases of identity theft and income tax fraud. One common type of identity theft and tax fraud is someone attempting to file a tax return using your social security number and claiming a false […]

Great news for Ohio Small Business

by: Devin Cunningham Great news for the Ohio small business owners is in store for 2016! Currently, Ohio small business owners are able to deduct 75% of the first $250,000 of Ohio net business income. This Ohio Small Business Deduction is limited to $187,500 for married couples filing jointly and $93,750 for single filers and […]