2015 Tax Planning Tips

Are you aware of the new tax credit limits and regulations that have started in 2015?  We believe that knowing this information earlier in the year will benefit you more as you plan for your business or household. We’ve created an easy to read ‘cheat sheet’ of all the important items.

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Did you know that more than 90% of Social Security recipients do not maximize their benefits because they do not understand their options? Do you have a plan in place to maximize Social Security benefits over your lifetime and the lifetime of your spouse? Social Security remains one of the most complicated and complex topics […]

Ten Tax Tips to Consider Before December 31st

With the holidays and year end quickly approaching, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some valuable tax planning ideas that you may be able to implement before the end of 2014 or consider in your planning for 2015. These items are applicable to both business owners and individual taxpayers, and they […]

Should You Consider Offering Retirement Plans?

Now is a great time of year to review your company’s benefits package. The competition for top talent is fierce and one way to retain your top employees is incorporating a retirement plan into your benefits package.  The good news…You still have time to implement a retirement plan for 2014.  The better news… you can deduct  your contributions in 2014 while deferring the actual […]

Summer Tax Items

Summer is a great opportunity to reevaluate some of your business practices and determine if there are any opportunities to save tax dollars that can be implemented before the tax year comes to a close. Many business owners aren’t aware these credits and opportunities exist. With tax season and the major audit season having wound […]