GreenSmart: The Better Choice in Payroll Service Providers

As we come to the final couple of months of 2018, we, as business owners, should take a moment to reflect on what worked for us and what didn’t work for us. Especially, as budgets are prepared, it is important not only to think back but also to look forward. One thing to assess is your payroll service provider using the following review questions:

  • How did your payroll service provider treat you this year?
  • How many payroll specialists did you deal with?
  • Were there any issues that weren’t handled quickly and efficiently?
  • Do you have unresolved tax notices?
  • Are your employees happy with the portal they use to access their pay stubs?
  • Are you, as an owner, getting the information you need to manage your business?

At Hobe & Lucas, we are proud to recommend our affiliated company, GreenSmart Payroll Solutions, LLC as your new payroll provider. You will never hear any high pressure sales pitches from GreenSmart and you may never even have heard of the Company. We don’t pressure our accounting and tax clients to switch to our payroll platform. We do know, however, that those that have switched are happy they did. As managing member, I hold the Company to a higher standard. Our pricing is competitive with ADP and Paychex. We offer direct deposit, tax filing and depositing, reporting options, employee portals and a cloud-based solution similar to those much larger companies. What sets us apart is our dedication to client service. Our original payroll specialist, Yvonne Chmielewski, has been with the Company since it started and was promoted to payroll manager last year. At the same time, we added our second payroll specialist, Nicole Machnicki. We pride ourselves on our service, our attention to detail, and the continuity of our staff. We are here to help you whether it is your first payroll as a new company or whether you have been in business for years.

So, as the days in 2018 wind down and the nostalgia of auld lang syne starts to kick in, think back and remember the good, the bad and the ugly. If the bad and the ugly all conjure up images of your payroll service provider, gives us a call or send us an e-mail. Contact us so that you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered come January 1st. We would be happy to get your new year started off just right with GreenSmart Payroll Solutions.

Ready to get started or learn more? You can reach Yvonne Chmielewski by phone at 216.524.8900 x 257 or by e-mail at

The benefits of working with a CPA-backed payroll company

by: Yvonne Chmielewski

As we close out 2016, you’re probably coordinating those year-end or holiday bonuses with your payroll company.  Or you may be doing that on your own!  It can be a pain and worse yet, you likely don’t have the time to make sure the calculations are correct and compliant.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
Since we started GreenSmart Payroll Solutions more than five years ago, we’ve encountered those issues as well as these other scenarios that are causing our clients to consider moving their payroll services to us:  

“My payroll contact hasn’t called me back.  I found out that my contact person has left the company.”

“My payroll company cannot calculate the special payment or bonus check with the taxes that my CPA recommended.”

“My payroll company told me that the quarter or year has been closed and can only be reopened for a fee.”

“My CPA is requesting payroll reports for planning or tax compliance purposes.”

“My payroll situation requires more experience than my payroll representative could handle.”

GreenSmart Payroll Solutions has clients who have moved their payroll services over to us to experience the benefits of a “one-stop shop.” Our clients appreciate the fact that they can come to the office for a meeting with their CPA and also meet with their payroll specialist during the same meeting.  Bringing together payroll and accounting services creates tangible benefits for our clients, including:

  • A seamless integration between your CPA and your payroll service.
  • All payroll taxes are paid automatically for payroll clients.
  • Bonuses can be direct deposited (subject to ACH rules) or paper checks that you can distribute by year-end.
  • No question goes unanswered when it comes to payroll taxes, withholdings or tax issues.

Is GreenSmart right for my business?
Forget talking to an automated service!  GreenSmart Payroll Solutions is committed to the same excellent customer service standards that set Hobe & Lucas apart from the competition. You can rest assured knowing that you will get your questions answered in a timely and thorough manner.  Plus, have the peace of mind knowing we understand your full financial situation to provide comprehensive answers and recommendations. Remember,  GreenSmart is the payroll company with a back office of CPA’s.!

Now’s the time to make the switch to GreenSmart before 2017.
Work with a payroll company who knows the guidelines and regulations.  We offer customized and flexible payroll services combining all the capabilities of national payroll firms, but with our state-of-the-art, cloud-based payroll platform and backed by a certified professional accounting firm you trust. Trust us to handle your tax payments, withholdings and filings accurately and on time while providing the reporting you need to run your business.

Ready to get started? You can reach Yvonne Chmielewski by phone at 216.524.8900 x 257 or by email at