Employee Benefit Plans

Why are benefits so often a burden? At Hobe & Lucas, we understand how complicated navigating employee benefit accounting can be. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough understanding of the tax implications of employer-provided plans. It’s also why we offer a multitude of services to make benefit plan management easier.

No matter what your employee benefit management needs, Hobe & Lucas professionals are primed to assist. Our offerings include:

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

  • Full-scope and limited-scope audits
  • 401(k) plans, defined benefit plans, ESOPS and profit-sharing plans

Employee Benefit Consulting

  • Designing plans as tax shelters for the shareholder
  • Determining whether plans currently are or will be beneficial for your organization
  • Designing and implementing new plans
  • Amending existing plans
  • Selecting the most beneficial plan options
  • Resolving compliance issues
  • Ensuring compliance of fidelity bonds

Employee Benefit Compliance

  • Preparation of Form 5500
  • Preparation of the Summary Annual Report
  • Preparation of excise tax returns
  • Assistance with the preparation of discrimination, top-heavy and annual additions testing
  • Assistance with testing compliance with minimum coverage, participation and vesting rules

Realize maximum benefit from your plans.