Payroll Solutions

Paychecks are fun to receive, but not to process. Managing payroll can be a detailed, time-consuming task that prevents you from focusing on the areas of your business where you add the most value. It’s a necessity. But, its not something you need to face alone.

Hobe & Lucas offers a number of payroll solutions designed to ensure maximum accuracy based on up-to-date tax rates and regulatory information. We have our own payroll processing service to reduce the complexity and risk of running your own payroll. You focus on what you do best; let us handle the rest. We can help you to:

  • Complete payroll tax applications, if you’re new to payroll
  • Compute tax withholdings and net pay calculations
  • Calculate bonuses for business owners and key employees
  • Establish an EFTPS account for federal tax payments
  • Create an Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) account for Ohio tax payments
  • Comply with payroll tax return regulations: Form 941, Form 940, state and local withholding, state unemployment and workers compensation (where applicable)
  • Assist with  tax authority audits of payroll returns
  • Consider retirement account options like SIMPLE or 401(k) plans.


To complement our payroll solutions, we created our own full-service payroll processing company. GreenSmart Payroll Solutions, LLC, an affiliated company, works seamlessly with Hobe & Lucas, offering complete payroll service packages and  customized levels of service. Enter employee hours directly into our payroll system or send them by phone, fax or email to a payroll specialist —whichever your preference, we have the back-office support to meet your payroll processing needs.


With our payroll solution, convenience doesn’t end with direct deposit. Access payroll reports at any time via our employer portal and allow employees to access their pay stubs and Forms W-2 via their own secure portal. We also electronically file your tax payments and quarterly tax returns.

Interested in our payroll solutions? Learn more about our full-service payroll processing company at