Technology Consulting

We all know that communication is difficult when you don’t understand the language. When it comes to technology and accounting, business owners face a similar problem. There is a gap between the services provided by their IT company and the services provided by their CPA firm.


So how can we help in this regard? With a deep knowledge of software, such as all QuickBooks and Sage products, various database systems, Microsoft Office, and a host of other industry-specific software packages , we can assist with challenges such as:

  • Accounting system conversion, implementation, integration, clean-up, project management and training
  • Integration of cloud-based accounting solutions
  • Data mining, analysis and reporting
  • Development of budgeting spreadsheets, programs and tools
  • Creation of automated business forms
  • Assistance with specialized reporting
  • Provision of cost-effective, technology-driven solutions for everyday problems


Accounting System Services:

Accounting System Implementation and Design Bonus Calculation

We successfully migrated a client from a manual accounting system with complex bonus calculations to a computerized accounting system with automated calculations, while training the client to maintain their own system, resulting in significant monthly expense reductions.

Accounting System Conversion

We smoothly converted a client from one accounting system to another,  placing the client in a more flexible system with improved reporting capabilities, and efficiently imported over 40,000 historical transactions.

Accounting System Integration

We collaborated with a client’s new manufacturing software provider to implement a new accounting system that seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing payroll system and new manufacturing software.

Accounting System Emergency Management

We minimized a client’s accounting system downtime during an outage by putting a manual system in place while we set up and installed a new system. We were able to export data from the corrupt system to a new platform while concurrently training their staff.

Client Training

We helped a new client save thousands of dollars by taking over monthly accounting duties from their former CPA firm, and put a system in place that allowed the owner to easily complete financial tasks in-house, with our ongoing remote support.

Data Integration and Analysis Services:

Data Analysis for Business Acquisition

We developed an intuitive forecasting spreadsheet that allowed a client to analyze operational variables and generate projected financial statements that provided key insights into a proposed business acquisition.

Data Integration During Company Sale

We helped a client efficiently move all pertinent data to the buyer’s system while maintaining the integrity of the data when the company was purchased.

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